Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Atlanta's own THE CASKET CREATURES to kick-off the 2015 Halloween season (set time: 10pm)

Don't expect to find your typical, cookie-cutter band opening Atlanta's 3rd Annual MONSTER PROM on Sept. 19th at The Masquerade...as you might find at a typical prom. First off, this isn't your typical, lame-a$$ prom and second off, The Casket Creatures sure as hell aren't made from cookies, unless they are made from PBR beer infused dough.

Described as a horror/rock/punk band from Atlanta, GA, this four-creature band prides itself in songs with lyrics about things like werewolves, Lizzie Borden, Michael Myers (of the movie Halloween), mummies, aliens and zombies.

Although the doors open for the MONSTER PROM at 9pm on September 19th, The Casket Creatures won't be crawling out of their boxes until 10pm and will rock the monster-laiden crowd until about 11:30pm, followed by DJ Eschar and DJ Seraph. So what does that mean? GET TO THE SHOW EARLY to see The Casket Creatures! Check out some of their videos below....

Become a fan of theirs at Facebook.com/TheCasketCreatures and give them a listen at reverbnation.com/thecasketcreatures and join the MONSTER PROM FB event page at Facebook.com/events/1387855284873961 (and please invite your freaky friends!)

Advanced tickets will be available until noon on Saturday (9/18/15) via http://mcp.xorbia.com – after that tickets can be purchased at The Masquerade Box Office, starting at 9pm "night of" for $15 (18+, non-smoking except in outside designated areas)